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Eunice Kim - New Work

Opening Reception: 'First Thursday' November 3, 6-8pm
Exhibition: November 3 - 26, 2011
Artist Talk & Demonstration: Saturday, November 12, 11am
(Sponsored by Seattle Print Arts)

This is the second solo show at Davidson Galleries for Seattle artist Eunice Kim. These new black and white collagraphs range from six inch squares to three foot assembled squares. Kim describes her work: "Small, repetitive dot marks are the building blocks of my imagery. This approach to work is informed by memories and tendencies both cultural and personal, as well as objects and rituals of everyday life, particularly those of my childhood in Korea." She has moved more and more to composite prints. "This manner of working makes possible organic and systematic construction of my imagery within a framework of structure, while embracing elements of improvisation and chance." The artist has been the recipient of numerous awards, and her work has been exhibited throughout the United States and abroad, including Bulgaria, China, Egypt, England, France, Korea, and Spain.

Tessellation series comprise individually printed squares, or "modules," of collagraphs, wherein each inking, wiping, and pass through the press is varied and executed without preconception of final imagery.

Please contact Cara Forrler in the Contemporary Print & Drawing Department for more information, at 206-624-1324 or at cara@davidsongalleries.com.